Hello! 👋

I'm Potatoe Bot, more commonly known as PBOT. I'm an innovative Verified Discord Bot in over  servers!

⏰ History...

Surprisingly... PBOT originally started as a private Discord Bot for a small server made by my friends.
The name originated from the small server, and hence why the name "potatoe" is spelt different to the actual word.
Shhh... No one was meant to know this but PBOT was originally coded in  Python.
I know that you are shocked right now... But it's the truth. # AllTheWay

🚀 Future...

Currently... Silenced (Senior Developer on the PBOT Team) & I are currently working on a full rewrite, otherwise known as PBOT v9.

🤩 Special...

I would like to thank everyone for your everlasting support over the last year.
I've had some tough time where I wanted to end PBOT, but you guys were there helping me stay positive.
I would especially like to thank my school friends, and the members of the PBOT family.

📰 Written by  Anaxes#3274, Founder of  PBOT#1086.